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A Break

Monday, February 24th, 2014

I will make short break among my post-series about traveling, and post a type of entry that I did not post for a long time:

The above piece is the anthem of ASOT 650, so if Armin likes it, it must be good :P. I am not sure how long until this is banned from youtube, but until then: Enjoy (just make sure you use your headphones 😉 )!


Roxette @ Cluj

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Yes, Roxette had a concert here in Cluj and of course we could not miss it. Yes, it is a quite old band, but after this concert I have to say they still are capable of moving the crowds (sorry for the poor quality):

Anyway, there are two things I want to point out with this post: the football stadium of Cluj, Cluj Arena, is great! Although it has been open for a while this is the first time I actually have visited it as a spectator: the arena looks great, lighting is great and after managing to get out relatively quickly, I have to say it is also very well designed functionally. Additionally, the evening lighting is great:
Cluj Arena
The second thing is the relatively good opinion of the band about Cluj that they talked about on their facebook page and on their blog. So, yes, Cluj is a surprise to many visitors from the rest of the EU and by this I mean a good surprise, not a bad one 🙂 .


Let’s Get To It

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

… meaning that I am going to skip this year’s special post of Happy New Year, which is getting kind of boring now. So, I decided to wish you all a late, but a very warm: Happy New Year!,… and offer you some good music that I like to listen to:

Yes, again, it is Daniel Kandi, but I like it too much. During the first week and a half this music is the one I listened to a lot…. and this one:

… just to avoid getting too “monochrome” 😛 .


A Rising Star?

Monday, November 7th, 2011

This post is only intended for trance-freaks like me, so if you’re not one, I think you shouldn’t bother :P.

At work I usually listen trance songs, because instead of distracting me, this type of music is the one which keeps in the flow. Lately I found myself listening to songs from the same DJ, namely Daniel Kandi. Sadly he is ranked only #77 by some sources, so I believe a little promoting will not hurt:

… and them some more:


Some great elements

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

While at work I require from time to time to just block out the outside world and find a way to get into my Flow. The best thing that helps me get to a certain stage of concentration is music. And if you have read my posts before, you have guessed: it is trance music.
Today I had such a need for solving one of my problems, so I started up youtube (cause I don’t keep music on my PC at work) to find something to listen to. It is actually an already aging piece from Armin van Buuren, that I like very much. I noticed, that it had a VERY low number of views… this had to be changed. So what could I do? Well… the answer was really simple: post it. So… I did:

P.S. The screens with the BMW-s helped a lot in the choice. I guess the whole video has some great elements, that influenced me in the choice 🙂 .