Why a blog?
I have initially thought of starting a blog to present a few questions about what is happening around us day by day. I sometimes come across things which rise questions to which the answer seems to be too complex to be answered easily. Sometimes the help of others, like readers from around the world could be helpful. Through comments maybe some of the questions/doubts, that anyone could come across in life, could be discussed/answered more easily.

During the period when I started to write my blog I used to visit a lot of interesting places. Every time I went somewhere I first tried to search for information about the place on the internet, but never found too much info which could have been useful. For that reason I thought it could be good to use my blog, to tell as much info as possible about the places I have seen. After a year of blogging I ended up with 80% of the information about travel tips. So in the end my blog became the medium through which travel information and descriptions of interesting destinations is shared.

Although I will post articles about the initial purpose of this blog, most of the info will still be travel information. Maybe I’ll start to experiment with movies, music and cars… 🙂

Why English?
Well, it would be easier on my mother language of course, but then that would limit the number of my readers, hence the number of the comments and opinions I get from around the world. The places I describe are not exclusively for people who speak my mother language. It is for anyone, and the language which can be understood by many worldwide is English…