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A new way…

Monday, June 11th, 2012

.. Subway! At last this fast-food giant opened it’s first restaurant in Cluj. The last time I ate at Subway, was when I was in the U.S…. and that was a long time ago. Granted here in our country there is no big need for healthy eating (we do that by default 😛 … sort of… ), but it was a nice change to see such a restaurant being opened next to KFC and McDonalds.
Subway Logo
Subway offers a real option to choose from: the other two are just the same food with slight differences, this one is the real change. What’s more important: Pepsi is back in town (I really see no more reason to go to KFC since they do not work with Pepsi anymore 😛 ). I know it is only my personal favorite, but I really had the chance to compare the differences between Coca-Cola and Pepsi this time and boy there was a BIG difference.

Anyway, enough bragging around, just go check it out. Go to Iulius Mall in Cluj (if you’re there) and try it out: make your own combination of ingredients for the sandwich take some chips and Pepsi to complete your menu and enjoy a healthier way of eating fast-food. And if you can, do this on the 16th/17th of June, cause you’ll get the 1+1 for free combination for any sandwich 😉 !