Roxette @ Cluj

Yes, Roxette had a concert here in Cluj and of course we could not miss it. Yes, it is a quite old band, but after this concert I have to say they still are capable of moving the crowds (sorry for the poor quality):

Anyway, there are two things I want to point out with this post: the football stadium of Cluj, Cluj Arena, is great! Although it has been open for a while this is the first time I actually have visited it as a spectator: the arena looks great, lighting is great and after managing to get out relatively quickly, I have to say it is also very well designed functionally. Additionally, the evening lighting is great:
Cluj Arena
The second thing is the relatively good opinion of the band about Cluj that they talked about on their facebook page and on their blog. So, yes, Cluj is a surprise to many visitors from the rest of the EU and by this I mean a good surprise, not a bad one 🙂 .


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