Some great elements

While at work I require from time to time to just block out the outside world and find a way to get into my Flow. The best thing that helps me get to a certain stage of concentration is music. And if you have read my posts before, you have guessed: it is trance music.
Today I had such a need for solving one of my problems, so I started up youtube (cause I don’t keep music on my PC at work) to find something to listen to. It is actually an already aging piece from Armin van Buuren, that I like very much. I noticed, that it had a VERY low number of views… this had to be changed. So what could I do? Well… the answer was really simple: post it. So… I did:

P.S. The screens with the BMW-s helped a lot in the choice. I guess the whole video has some great elements, that influenced me in the choice 🙂 .


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