In the past year I have never written about something that I do almost daily: I gamble… or at least, that is what many of my relatives and friends say. The general idea is the same: I supposedly put money into something I cannot control, and pray to God that I win. Most of these people of course haven’t got a clue of what I am on about. Those people generally just get terrified by hearing the word: stocks.
Our country has a very short history in trading. During the time of the communism this way of making money was nonexistent of course. After Romania has met capitalism, however, things have changed: those who had the spirit and moreover the mind, opened up a whole new chapter in some of the citizens life.

Over time more and more people started to join this “mysterious club”, soon people of all ages gave in their money in the big pool and tried their luck. Before the crisis this was an almost 100% guaranteed winning-game. Almost everyone had a 50-100% growth of their investment yearly. In 2007, a new phenomenon appeared on the Romanian stock market: the stocks started to lose value. By the year 2008 the game turned into a 100% losing-game. Most players simply got fed up and got out.

Last year hope reappeared: the stock-exchange grew and people started to win again. However this time, it seemed to resemble more to a simple party of Blackjack: people knew, that they could win or also lose.

So what can be done? Is this like Blackjack then? Honestly: YES, it is like Blackjack… and like in Blackjack, also here, people can count cards, only here, it is not illegal. Actually counting cards when playing with stocks, should be a required skill: read the news, draw the correct conclusions. Simple, isn’t it? So then, what should be read? There are thousands of news written (or not) circulating daily. Even the smallest detail, like what kind of credits banks are giving has to be taken into account… (as most of us now know…). It is a challenge to keep up with them, not to mention draw the correct conclusions. But then again counting cards in Blackjack isn’t an easy task either…

To everyone who is out there and wants to join the game then: yes it can be done, yes it is controllable and yes you have to be very very prepared. One thing to note: the tendency is when someone is winning in the stock exchange, someone will lose… try to stay more on the winning side than on the losing 🙂 …


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