A different approach

Last weekend we went to see another movie. Again we went to the same multiplex as last time: Odeon. This time we did not go for a 3D movie, instead we decided to watch a standard movie, having the usual surround-sound the only extra.

Sherlock Holmes seemed to be the movie with the most interesting title. With a ticket price of 15 RON (€3.5) it seemed like a pretty reasonable deal. We bought the ticket and went to buy some refreshments. From my side, this meant to buy a large popcorn for 8 RON (a little less than €2) and went to the entrance. Although I’ve been to Odeon a few times already, this is the first time I noticed, that there is actually another level above the one I have already been to… Well, I guess people can learn something new every day 😛 . Also this was the first time, that I noticed that the color of the walls is quite stylish, with a happy mix of bold colors which I really like.

OK, so on to the movie: it was… ok. With a modest number of twists and a lot of funny scenarios. The British detective is presented in an entirely new light. Mr. Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is, in this movie, a real fighting machine with a complex, but always calculated way of thinking. His companion, Dr. Watson (Jude Law) has in my opinion a simple role, with a “common” way of thinking, no tweaks, no evolution of the spirit during the movie (Good old Watson). As people might expect, both actors give a good performance, I really did not see any problem with that.

I do not want to talk about the action itself, people should go and see it. All I can say is that it has a few unusual moments with aspects of the supernatural embedded in the 19th century scenery. It is a movie which can take you away a bit from the problems of our day-by-day life. Although I can say it did not bring any plus into my life, I do not think it took anything either: relaxing entertainment…


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