Uplifting trance

Here is another piece that I have been listening to for a while. I can recommend this on sad, melancholic days 🙂

It is a little old, but it is a perfect example of uplifting trance. It gradually builds up going through 4-5 basic motives until it reaches the final form. The end contains a classic fade-out following the same motives, this time disappearing one after the other. Nice… 😉

I like this tune because despite the fact, that there are several motives playing at once after a few minutes into it, all the motives are combined harmonically. The whole piece feels very well put together: no disturbing sounds or motives anywhere.

The title? Well, I am going to have to let you guess why it is called: “Shine”…

3 Responses to “Uplifting trance”

  1. Vic says:

    sad or melancholic?

    “emlitetted, hogy ket ember. Miert?” :-)))

  2. László says:

    I was none. It has a boosting effect even if everything is ok… 🙂

    By the way, sad != melancholic…. when you don’t know why you’re sad, but simply are sad, I think that is melancholic… 😕

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