The (M)eating Point

I have been meaning to write about this restaurant we went to in mid December, but I got lost a bit among all the stuff I had to do, so I did not really have the time to write about it. So, better late than never, I would lke to present to you Bricks, the hidden restaurant.
Bircks Restaurant

Image taken from restaurant’s website

Due to its location and maybe due to the previous bar that was in its place, Bricks is not a well known restaurant in Cluj. It is also relatively new, so people did not really have the chance to get to know it. II think it is something that needs to be remedied 🙂 . The place deserves a bit more popularity. I like it’s style, it’s furniture and the general atmosphere that immediately gets you, once you go down the stairs and enter the restaurant.

Menu at bricksTo move matters into a more objective light, I’d like to write firstly about the food. The food is… well, I would say special. You do not really find anything here, that you eat in other restaurants. There at lots of varieties to choose from, like Italian food, Chinese food, French food and special sea food (I guess that is the reason the place was given the sub-name:”(M)eating point”). From this huge variety it was quite difficult to choose from, but in the end I settled for pork meat with ratatouille and my girlfriend ate chicken with green pea pure. Both were strange, but great combinations and the way that they were presented were also quite stylish.

menu at bricksNext, I will move the focus to the table. There were no table-cloths at all on the tables, which is something that you would expect from a high-class restaurant. Instead, the actual table-cloth was a piece of stylish A3 paper, containing the menu, which is usually an indication of a low-cost restaurant (although I’d rather have a piece of paper that is constantly being replaced than an old sheet that sometimes gets washed). In this case, however, the stylish menu had a special designation: the great big question mark at the “Desert” section. Well, we could not leave with this big question open, so we decided to also have desert and asked the waitress how we could find out what the desert was. She told us she’d be right back with the menu. Why the menu? – we though – we have already seen that and there was no desert in it… Well, we were in for a big surprise, when instead of a menu, she brought a huge stamper and just stamped the missing piece of the menu there 🙂 .

Menu at bricksHaving the desert options in front of us, my girlfriend decided to buy a cheesecake, while I went for the Bricks Special, and boy I made the right decision :). It was delicious. It had all sorts of flavours in it, ranging from orange to cinnamon which I think are best tasted than described.

In conclusion, I can say the restaurant is great. The way you get treated for the money you give is well balanced. It is perfect to get out for a little bit of “fine-dining” for not too much money.


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