Saved by the Cheesecake

In the past year we have developed a habit of somehow winding up at Marty, a local restaurant-chain just to enjoy a cheesecake. While the overall satisfaction of the services is not the best, the meal at Marty is quite acceptable and I like the overall theme and atmosphere of the restaurant.

Images taken from Marty’s website

Lately a new restaurant has been opened at Polus Center further enlarging the chain. It so happened, that yesterday we forgot to buy something from the supermarket and we decided to fill this gap by some quick-shopping and a visit to the new Marty restaurant called “Marty West” (referring to the fact that it is in the western part of the city).

The atmosphere is again, very Marty-like, the menus are colorful and appealing. I can just congratulate their designer and general “stylist”: the place looks great. I would like to comment, however, on the impression left by the waiters. There are lots of them buzzing around trying to serve everyone and they genuinely look busy and ready to serve. The problem is when they actually serve you. It is not the fact, that they have bad service or the food was brought late or anything usual one might not like. I think there’s just a general lack of organization and devotion from the individual waiters. This would be OK, if it happens only once, but the truth is that this is the general feeling I get, whenever I get to Marty and that is not OK… They should at least try to sell that they are devoted. A smile, a bit more attention would help a lot 😉 .

There is, however, a real business-saver at Marty: their cheesecake. And not just any cheesecake, the original cheesecake. It’s delicious. It is not just me, it is everyone I talk to 😉 . It is a bit pricy 13 RON (€3.00) compared to other local prices, but it’s taste and the stylish way it is served is worth it. Once in a month or two it is a must 😀 . So, if I got your mouth watering already, and you haven’t been to Marty lately, my advice is: get to the nearest Marty restaurant, order a cheesecake, try to ignore the incompetence of the staff and just enjoy the cheesecake 🙂 .


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