Free Visit

We have recently had to go to Carei (Nagykároly), where we had to spend half a day waiting for some personal stuff. The town is not large enough to easily find anything to spend time with, but luckily there is one thing that stands out and is certainly something which should not be missed.
Karoly castle
The central park of Carei is dominated by the Károly Castle, which has recently been renovated. It now acts as a museum open to the general public. The opening hours are between 9:00 and 16:00 (I think) so at around 10:00 we were well within visiting hours.

We prepared our wallets for the tickets, but we were in for a big surprise: no guard, no tickets, just a smiling man welcoming us and giving us a quick heads up of how we should visit the museum 🙂 …
The castle is almost entirely open, on both floors with a museum of the town on the ground floor and a furnished second floor, showcasing the castle’s old interior. Also there was a temporary exhibit dedicated for hunting.

The visit did not take more than an hour, but it was fun and we were certainly impressed by how much can be showcased if a little money is invested…


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