Cheap Maintenance

Last year I have written a post where I have described how I managed to apply a DIY guideline to upgrade the interior trims of my car. Now, I have faced a little bit more complicated task: fix the electric window on the car.

A few months ago (well, actually last year) I have foolishly tried to force my windows to open, with a complete disregard of the fact that they were simply frozen in their sockets. Lucky for me, I did not do a lot of damage, but the cracks and pops it was doing while pulling it up afterwards really scared me. I quickly looked up on the internet the possible source of the problem and voila the solution presented itself. I just needed a garage which, sadly, is only available at my parents house, so I scheduled my repair to the next time I went home… Easter… (yes, I have a busy life and I can only go home once in a while).

The long awaited time, however, finally came and I prepared myself for the big task: I bought a brand new set of tools for 75RON (€18.00) and a bag of zip ties (cheap). Having everything ready, together with my father we sliced up the door panel (actually following this cool tutorial) like so:
E46 Door Panel
I have to say I was not quite sure, that the actual problem in my case was the same as the one presented in the solution (the zip tie trick), so I was pretty relieved to find out the the same piece was broken in my case also. I quickly applied the zip tie trick, fastening as tight as I could the string to the broken piece:
E46 Window Regulator
After a few more finishing cuts on the zip ties, we assembled the mechanism back, connected the battery to its place and tried out the fixed mechanics: the window was moving smoothly again. We disconnected the battery again (just to avoid fault signals of the airbag) then reassembled the vapor barrier, the airbag and the door cover. Easy-peasy: 3 hours consumed, a lot more time won by reducing the time needed to find an adequate parking place: the inability to reach for the tickets at the entry of arranged parking lots was already driving me crazy…

One thing to add: make sure you have the proper tools before starting to venture on this great ‘journey’: some of the screws are not so easy to remove.


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