Tranquility in the Valley

Last weekend was full of events. Both Saturday and Sunday we did trips visiting interesting places nearby (max. 1.5 hours with a car). In this post I would like to describe the first trip, the short one, which we made Saturday. The actual goal of the trip was a little bit work related: we needed to check two inns suitable for organizing trainings for a small group of people. One of the two inns is situated close to the gorge of Ramet, so after checking out the inn, we decided to go a few kilometers up in the mountains to check out an interesting site: the Monastery of Ramet.
Ramet Monastery
Accessing the monastery is really easy: from Cluj just follow the E81 road towards Alba Iulia until reaching the small town of Teius. In Teius one must take a left turn following the indicators towards Stremt commune. From this point it is really simple: follow the road passing 1-2 villages until you see the monastery. One thing I want to stress out is the fact that the road is really narrow. I cannot imagine two buses passing next to each-other, so careful: the roads are of good quality (zero potholes), but there are barely two lanes…

The monastery itself can be visited freely, there are no entry fees at any point. Just go in, stay quiet and take your pictures… that is, where you are allowed to take pictures: in the church itself it is forbidden to take photos. In any other place, we did not have problems, even while photographing the nuns, working at the bee-hives or just arranging the small gardens which provide their daily food.

It is not a big thing, but if one just wants to get away for an hour from the big city life, this is a great place to go to: it brings a little bit of peace in peoples’ hearts 🙂 . Photos can be seen here.

The rest of the trips? Well, I will write about them later 🙂 …


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