The past two weekends have been spent by visiting places I have already been at. I was re-living some of the highlights from last year… from a different perspective. This weekend we have visited another great thing in the neighborhood: the salt mine from Turda. The last time I have been there, I was so amazed by what I saw, that I totally forgot about all the activities that can be done there. For this reason, this second time was dedicated to the details.
Salina Turda
I was really amazed about how different the place looked like at second glance. Immediately when we arrived in the first chamber, the “Echo Chamber”, I understood where its name comes from. Last time I was there I did not really hear echoes… well, I was doing it entirely wrong. Luckily for me, I did not have to struggle this time, a kid was there who was already having a good time shouting into the darkness and enjoying the echo… The kids sharp voice really got the thing going: the echo lasted for quite a few seconds and it was very, very clear. Cool chamber 😉

Afterwards, when we arrived to the main chamber, we decided to try out the Ferris Wheel: it costs 5 RON (€1.20) per person and it does a slow turn inside the big chamber giving a better view of the surroundings… totally worth it.

Another thing we did, was that we rented a boat, for 10 RON (€2.40). One boat can be rented at most by 3 persons, but I have seen some families with 4 persons (parents + children) also renting a boat. It has been a while since I last rowed in a boat so it took a while until I got the hang of it. There are some places where the water is quite shallow and the way is too tight, but it was not a big deal. Make sure you have some clothes which can be washed easily: the salty water falls in small drops from time to time from the ceiling above in quite random places.

All in all it was a quite interesting new perspective. This time there were not so many people as before, so the visit was much more enjoyable than before.


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