Some Hope

I haven’t been able to write anything lately on by blog. I guess I could say I was bit lazy, but hey, I did a lot of things and I promised myself I will write them down as soon as I get the time. Well, I now have some, but I am not going to write about anything new: this post will be kind of like a follow up for an earlier post and it will be short.
Banffy Castle
Because I was really curious how things have evolved around the castle ruins I visited last year, we made a visit to the Bánffy Castle last weekend. I was really hoping to write about all the great things that were changed on the castle, but unfortunately to my disappointment, there is not much advancement since last year. The castle looks exactly the same, no improvements have been done to the building itself.

I have noticed, however, other things that seem better: there is much bigger publicity now. A lot of posters proved the presence of conferences and special events that have been or are planned to be organized at the castle. The results of this were visible in the number of tourists at the castle: maybe I have caught a better day, but there were a lot of people at it, and more were coming as we were leaving. One thing is for sure: the castle now does not seem to be so abandoned as it did last year.

This little detail above, which seems insignificant at first sight, is, I think, very important for the castle. People are starting to notice it, people really seem to be interested in this old, but magnificent ruin. This gives hope: a hope that the seemingly abandoned walls will maybe be restored once in the future. So I hope this will not be my last post regarding the ruin, I hope next year I’ll be able to come back with brand new photos of a part that was fully restored… 🙂


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