Today we decided to go see a movie. Actually it was a good opportunity to check out the second multiplex in Cluj. I have visited the first one, Cinema City (located in Iulius Mall) last year and it was quite good. I was really curious how Odeon Cineplex (located in the other mall: Polus Center) would feel like. I do not have much experience with multiplex cinemas, but I have visited two in Italy and I must say, these seem to be much better (both). Maybe because they are newer they seem much nicer 🙂 .

We have chosen the movie: Avatar, because of the huge publicity that has been going along about this movie. We watched it in 3D which gave quite a good boost to the effects. One thing to note: we had to sit in the front row, because there were no other seats available. I have never sat in the front row for 3D movies so I did not know what to expect. The picture seemed a bit disproportionate from there but the action was quite lively. I can honestly say nothing was lost from the feeling. The only bad thing was my aching back and neck at the end of the movie. Sitting in the front row involves quite a lot of head movement, so I guess that was the reason 😛 .

About the movie: fun to watch. It has not too much moral stuff to offer, but again I did not go to see a sci-fi movie for that. A sci-fi/animation should be fun, full of action and should amaze the audience with the scene and sounds. Avatar did just that: the scenes and sounds were quite remarkable. Together with the 3D effect it was quite a show. It was worth the money spent on it. I would give I think 8/10 for it.

6 Responses to “Movie-day”

  1. Victor says:

    not more then 5 … sorry 🙂

  2. Venci says:

    And the cinema? You forgot to finish your thought

  3. László says:

    The cinema is OK. The sound is realistic and the 3D goggles were of good quality. Usually they can be disturbing for me (dunno why), but these ones were really good and I could enjoy the movie. Services seemed nice, but unfortunately we arrived late so we did not have time to buy anything.

  4. Venci says:

    Thank you, I will go and see Avatar in Odeon then

  5. Victor says:

    seen it in Cinema City also … i felt asleep twice … still 5 … or should i downgrade :-)?

    Happy New Year Laszlo!

  6. László says:

    Ok, so the story is a bit lame… but because of the effects (and especially if experienced in 3D cinema) it is still an 8… and I will not downgrade… 😛