Check in

Hi there. I believe it has been a while since I posted anything here. Not that I had such a boring year, not at all. In fact quite a lot has happened:

Basically, much of the stuff I learned this year was about construction materials and babies 🙂 … Also, I found out that whatever you learn about these things is quite specific, so I was not sure sharing it would help anyone…

So, traveling, the usual stuff I blog about, was the only thing I should have written about… Last year’s travels were a bit different though. Unlike before, they were 100% work related. And traveling for work does not really leave you time to check stuff out (especially if even the fun places are visited off-season). So, I know lots of new airports, lots of new places in Europe and the road between Cluj and Budapest which is something I now start to know by heart.

Keeping up the blog, in these circumstances seems therefore difficult… but not impossible 🙂 , I will simply have to MAKE the time 😉 .


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