One of the Islands

Since the day we arrived, and actually before ever leaving Cluj, we knew, that we would visit one of the nearby islands while being in Split. According to the information available on the net, there are several islands, each with it’s own unique way of attracting tourists. Of course apart from what’s there, there is another thing which needs to be considered: ease of access within a day. After considering all aspects, we decided, that the best place to visit in our situation was Bol, on the island of Brac.
Brac Island
We chose this specific location, due to a specific beach: Zlatni Rat Beach. To get there, however, there are several things to consider: there is hourly ferry connection between Split and the island of Brac, but the connection is to the town of Supetar, which is exactly on the opposite side of the island. So, we needed to be sure, that once we get to the island, there is a means to get to our destination. Well, there is. Actually there are several possibilities: either get on the ferry by car (and then there is no issue on the other side), or hop on to the local bus which can take you to the other side within an hour. Oh, yes, there are also taxis, which theoretically take you to Bol at the same price as the bus (I don’t really believe that, though), but I would not advise that if you do not want to see your breakfast again 😛 …

In the end we chose the ferry+bus combination. The ferry per person costs 33kn one way and the bus costs 50kn per person if you buy the return ticket also (it is 40kn one way otherwise). So the whole trip there and back cost us 232kn. It is cheaper than taking the car with the ferry, then drive around there and also worry about parking… Of course this way we had to be at the ferry latest by 9AM, which crossed over in 50 minutes. At 10:30AM the bus took off and after stopping at almost every possible village on the way, we arrived to Bol at around 11:30 AM. So basically it took us 3 hours to get to a beach. We really hoped it was worth the trouble…

Compared to Split, Bol is a real beach resort. You are far away from the sounds of the city and the water is much cleaner than in Split. In fact, I have never seen a cleaner beach in my life, so it was perfect for taking pictures at least 🙂 . After a 20 minute walk from the bus station, we arrived to the actual beach: it looked clean and less crowded than the ones in Split and there were still several sun-chairs left. Later we found out why: being so far from the city, prices are a bit steeper in Zlatni Rat. One chair costs 50kn. If you want an umbrella with that you need to pay 50kn more. So we payed 150kn for two sun-chairs and an umbrella. The plastic table came as a bonus 😉 . Of course the other alternative was to sit on a towel on the pebbly beach or in the shades a bit further from the shore… but we wanted the full experience: almost front row seats admiring the beautiful white and blue colors of the sea and listening to the calming sound of the waves without getting a sunburn 😉 .

Lunch can also be solved directly at the beach. There are several fast food boutiques and even restaurants right on the beach. The prices are higher than in Split and they charge for the restrooms also. Yes, this beach was pricier than the ones in Split, but for one day, it was an interesting experience. To top that you also get a bus ride which takes you through some idyllic local villages and some winding roads among the cliffs just above the seashore. This last one was a bit scary part, but breathtakingly beautiful 😉 .

I have uploaded some pictures here.


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