Unesco Island

We were advised to visit several interesting places around Split during our stay. One of them is Trogir, a small town, which, much like Split, preserved a lot of its old walls and buildings to the enjoyment of tourists of our time.
The Trogir visit was a half day activity: it is just a half hour drive from Split (well, that is if you do not get stuck in traffic and spend almost an hour instead) on the same direction as Split airport. When you approach this small town by car, the first thing that pops up in a driver’s head is: where do I park? Well assuming you have a GPS, you try to get to the center as much as possible and look for a parking place there. In our case, when it said we have a 1-2 minute drive left, I just entered the first parking spot on the left 😀 . We basically parked in the parking area just next to the bus station near the bridge leading onto the small historic island. The best thing about this parking lot was the guy greeting us: he was sitting on a bicycle as we entered, made a sign and led us to the most appropriate spot… neat 🙂 .

So, on to the historic island itself. It is basically a miniature version of the city center of Split. It has a similar atmosphere also, including the huge crowds of tourists that always get into your perfect artistic photo of a building. One thing that was different, was the nice yachts just next to the city walls: it kind of gave off a vibe of a more refined and restricted city center. One thing I did not like, was the fee they wanted to charge for entering churches. I know tourists can be a good source of money, but it is not nice to charge people for entering a church. You charge people for entering a fort maybe, which we did and gladly payed the 25kn per person entry into Kamerlengo Castle, but we skipped the church…

The small promenade where the yachts were docked is filled with nice restaurants, which have their menu available in several languages. We picked the one having also hungarian (its amazing how the small things can make a difference 🙂 ), and had a nice meal before heading back to one of the beaches in Split…

Photos have been uploaded here.


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