Up and Up

To get to the place where we have spent our last weekend, one must go up! One must go up to 1430m to the Vladeasa Cabin in the Vladeasa Mountains (part of the Western Carpathians). But why would one want to go up to such a place? Well, obviously, the view is breathtaking. The air is much cleaner and the silence is relaxing. The place is not really a tourist attraction, and this is why it is special: it is not full of people ruining this natural beauty.
But how does one get there? Well, follow the E60 from Cluj to Bologa. From there get off the main road and follow the 103H road until you reach the crossing to 103J which leads you to Rachitele. From here on, the road is best done by foot. Leave the car in the village and prepare yourself for a 1.5 hour escalation (make sure you have backpacks). On the walk upwards you can admire the mountain village, share some words with the locals, and almost at the top you might run into peacefully grazing cows.

The Cabin is easy to spot. You can find good accommodation here, I think for a cabin this high and this remote in the mountains it is quite cheap and quite good. The hostess can even prepare some dishes for you if you talk to her.

From the cabin there are a lot of trails to follow and “hot-spots” to visit. One of them is the meteo-station on the mountain top (1836m). The view from here is absolutely magnificent. Just be prepared for a quite strong wind. The meteo-station is off limits. Do not try to get in, even if the doors are open: the guy operating it is quite grumpy 😛 .

Another great thing in the neighborhood is the Sequoia Park. To get here, you need to go back to the village, follow the 103J back and somewhere on the road you’ll see a sign and a road leading up the forest. Follow that road until you get to the “park”. There are actually two twin sequoias, not very old (round 200years) and not as big as the ones in Mariposa Grove, but quite big to make an impression (you can actually make a hugging photo, where two people can barely reach half the tree around).

To get to yet another attraction of the area, get back on 103H and follow it until you reach the crossing with the road 108C (you’ll be glad you have reached it 😉 ). Then follow 108C towards Rachitele. Here you need to follow the signs, because at one point you need to get off the main road across a bridge to get to the falls. On the road towards the falls, you’ll see some large cliffs. The rings shining on their surface show that people escalate them from time to time. The falls itself is at a sharp turn of the road. It is called Cascada Valul Miresei (Bridal Veil Falls). This place is quite the tourist attraction in the area, so do not expect peace and tranquility… There are people taking photos, climbing from rock to rock to reach a nice spot. The area seems a bit overcrowded. The fall itself, however, is very nice and quite large. It is worth the trip there.

All in all there are quite a few nice places in the area. It is perfect for a short weekend. Some of the attractions reminded me of a park in the U.S. which I could not visit this year… Anyway, this was, I think, a weekend which was very well spent.

Photos can be seen here.


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