A View from the Top

Last week the Hungarian days were held here in Cluj-Napoca and with this occasion, people were allowed to visit in organized groups the tower of St. Michael’s church. I have been living in Cluj for 8 years now and have never been up there. This was an opportunity that I could not miss, so as we were going shopping we payed a quick visit to the tower (hence the low quality of the photos: they were taken again using my phone).
St. MIchael's Church
The entrance to the tower is from the north-eastern side of it. After entering on must climb a set of stone steps until reaching the base and then a long walk awaits on a set of separate staircases. These staircases are made of wood and they seem to be quite old: I can now understand why they do not let people up generally to visit the tower. Even in these circumstances we were told, that as we are climbing we must make sure, that no more than 3 persons are climbing in one stair-section at a time.

As we were climbing up we could admire a lot of old artifacts just laying in the dust. I made some photos of them, but because of the quality of the picture, they do not seem that spectacular 🙁 . The staircases lead up right to the bells, where we had to go through all the metallic structures to reach the door leading to the small terrace at around the middle of the tower (we could not go any higher). That height, however, was quite enough. The view from the tower is breathtaking. One can see a lot from the city there and of course it provides a wonderful opportunity to make some nice pictures (If only my camera had been there…)

After satisfying my lust of taking pictures (well what I could make actually with my phone…) we were told we need to go down and do not get scared if they bells start ringing… This last part was interesting: between the terrace and the staircase leading down the bells were hanging a few centimeters above my head… they’d better NOT start ringing at the same moment I am below them… In the end I quickly rushed to the staircase and headed down. I was lucky the bells started ringing just a few seconds later… I made it 🙂 . Anyway, I was told they ring for a short period of time every 10 minutes: basically if you are up, it is hard to miss one episode…

To end my post: here are the pictures I have taken. Enjoy!


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