Escape From Reality

Last weekend a training and a team-building weekend has been organized for our team from the company. The location was chosen to be something remote from our daily activities: the top of the nearby mountains, in a region dominated by village life, peace and relaxation. I must say, the chosen village, Marisel really did fit the profile. It has a disastrous road leading up to the place, but it is quiet, being situated on the mountain-top it provides an amazing view over the nearby valleys and it also offers a glimpse of the local Romanian village-life.
Cabana Motilor
For accommodation, the Cabana Motilor Inn was chosen. The owner is really friendly and seems to know how to make “village-tourism” work at it’s best. The inn itself is in my opinion top-notch: it offers a really good insight of the village life through it’s decoration, food and overall atmosphere. It also offers modern accommodation possibilities from the nowadays basic fully equipped rooms to a home-cinema system in a lounge. If someone plans a visit in the area: don’t bother staying anywhere else (And I am not getting payed for writing this 😛 ). There is ample parking space and when we were there the garage could also be used by some colleagues arriving by motorbikes.

Some of the added values of such a team-event was the included special activities at the inn: polenta has been cooked in the outside, there was a campfire in the evening (although it was actually washed away by a torrential rain) and they offered all sorts of goodies like pine-syrup and some home-made cookies that we just couldn’t get enough of 🙂

Another great point of the “included-values” (well I think that has been payed for separately) was a “carriage-ride” in which two local people brought their horse-drawn carriages (well let’s say carts) and we went for a two hour ride in the village, visiting a sort of village museum and one of the clifftops overlooking a nearby valley (again, splendid view).

I never thought such a weekend can be so relaxing. Apart from the fact that in the end I did not get much sleep (it was a team-building event after all… ) it really helped to clear my mind and just get away from the daily problems that haunt all of our lives actually.

Some photos can be seen here… just as teasers 😉


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  1. JP says:

    Yap, it was nice on Friday :).. that much I got to see. By the way, the garage was not actually a garage but a sort of storage place for the foodstufs. The owner initially said he is not allowed to have cars near the cabin for fire protection or so but when the storm was brewing he said it’s ok to put the bikes under there for better protection.