Small issues

Driven by my hidden geek instinct which is always fascinated by gadgets, I have decided to upgrade my telephone to something more than just a mobile phone. I decided to give a bunch of money to vodafone in exchange for a Samsung Galaxy S. The whole transition from a Nokia 6234 to this device was kind of like when I first decided to buy myself a mobile phone (a Nokia 3310 back then).
SGS Linksys
Yes, the phone part is nice, it works. The camera: better than the old one (and with HD video it beats any of my digital cameras I have had or currently have). The real transition for me is: the GPS and mobile internet. The GPS is great. By default it uses google maps to locate your position, it is quite accurate and it even responds to rotating the camera well. The mobile internet part is also great, because of a combination of two things:
– it always switches to a nearby Wi-Fi (instead of 3G/HSUPA)
– there is FREE Wi-Fi access in almost any public area in Cluj
(Yes, this is the same with any other smart-phone but for me this is a new way of life, so don’t even think of spoiling the joy 😛 ).

My initial joy was quite frankly blown to pieces by the sad news that for some reason it did not want to use my home router (Linksys WRT54GL) to access the internet. It connected to it, I could even reach the settings on the router, but still no internet connection. I even registered to a forum (which by the way seems nice) to find some answers to my problems. The good part was that there were no problems with other routers, but mine (but why? 🙁 ). So I tried every setting one by one on the router: everything was ok, no blocking, no filtering, I even removed all protection from it, it still did not budge. I said to myself: I WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP UNTIL THIS WORKS (bad idea): I stood awake until 3:30 AM.

But why did I stay awake that much? Well… I DID manage to fix the issue 😀 : there is a very friendly button (well, now it is) in the router settings, that I completely ignored the entire day: Reset to factory default. I did the reset, re-built my wireless network and voila it worked like a charm . So the official verdict: great phone, great router, stupid user 😛 .


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