… is the German name of Sighisoara (Hun: Segesvár) the city through which our way home from Sibiu was taking us. We thought of stopping also in this city, just to stay in the German style-context of Transylvania.
The most interesting part of the city is the citadel on top of the hill in the center of the city. It is an old medieval neighborhood still inhabited by the locals. There are many roads up to the citadel from different parts of the city, but we thought of approaching it from the back side. At the bottom of the hill there is a parking lot, where for 10RON(2€) the car could be parked for an unlimited time. It is a parking lot guarded by cameras, so I guess that is the reason for high price.

From the parking lot a short climb following an improvised staircase leads up into to the old city center on the top of the hill. Most of the walls and towers are still intact, so it really gives a good picture of what the city looked like in the past. Once through the city gates the surroundings immediately change from modern to an old medieval cityscape.

There are many interesting places which can be visited for free, like the covered staircase leading up to the school and church on the very top of the hill. Up there one can enter the church for 2RON, but no pictures can be taken: case closed, did not enter…

Another interesting place is the bell-tower, which is also a museum. The entry fee in the tower is 8RON(1.85€) for adults and 2RON(0.5€) for students with a valid ID (even for foreign students). The museum itself is interesting, but the most important part is the clock with the moving dolls in it. From the top of the tower a beautiful scenery opens up for the visitor, so I think it is a must for every tourist in Sighisoara.

The whole place I think has MUCH more potential than Sibiu, but sadly the buildings themselves need much more work to be transformed into a nicer place. Contrary to these problems, I think there have been a LOT of tourists from all over the world, so I guess nobody really thinks now of investing too much into renovations.

It was a rainy day when we visited, so the pictures I have taken are not very colorful. I have taken a few samples and uploaded them to my Picasa account. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Schässburg”

  1. Dragos says:

    As I remember it, the parking at the bottom of the hill was 10 RON – not 40 🙂

  2. László says:

    Thanks, I corrected it 😀