TIFF 2010

TIFF (Transylvania International Film Festival) has reached it’s 9th edition, and the opening ceremony was planned to be held in the city’s main square in an open-air cinema. The few clouds which were responsible for the afternoon rain have been swept away, so everything was set for the grand opening of the festival.
TIFF 2010 Cluj
I have to admit, that although I am a movie-fan, this was my first year when I actually went to see any of the movies of the festival (yes, shame on me…). There is however a beginning for everything and it’s better late than never. I payed the entry ticket of 15 RON’s for the ticket. At first I did not understand why pay, if it’s an open-air cinema in the city center, but now I do: no film is good enough to watch on foot, especially in a rather chilly evening. For this money there have been some chairs set up and blankets have been provided by one of the sponsors (HBO).

The opening ceremony started with a general presentation of the festival, some “trailers”, presenting the jury and some of the events that would take place in this period. A lot of hard work, a lot of commitment: THANK YOU!.

After the opening ceremony the film was presented: Soul Kitchen. I have to say it was a quite good movie for a comedy. It was an “easy movie” but by far not like some of the Hollywood trash that is starting to appear lately. The public liked it very much, too. I can only recommend it to anyone 😉 .


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