Turin Subway

We have started off for a week of skiing to France from Genoa, carefully choosing a train-route avoiding switches. Unfortunately the circumstances forced us to chose a route with a single switch in Turin, from Porta Nova to Porta Susa. I was already terrified by the thought of getting from one station to the other.
I was “happily disappointed”, however, when we were informed that there is a quick subway in Turin which can take us from one station to the other in a couple of minutes.

I was even more surprised, when I saw the subway itself: it is very modern, the trains are very punctual and travel very often. The subway trains are totally automated, even ticketing can be done automatically at the entry point to the underground system (well, one line for the beginning). It is very interesting if a person sits at the front, and sees what is coming up, because there is no driver to block the view.
Another interesting thing was the fact that the railways are totally covered in the stations. The train comes, stops exactly at the doorways of the cover, then both the doors of the train and the cover open up simultaneously allowing passengers to get in/out quickly.

2 Responses to “Turin Subway”

  1. fleorin says:

    and “torino” sounds so good… some names should be used in their original language! 😉

  2. László says:

    Yes… that is true. But since they do not usually use the original name for cities outside of Italy… I thought… why bother? 😕