Close to the seaside, in the north-western part of Belgium, there is a small little town, about which perhaps a lot of people have heard about. If not from anywhere else, then at least from the Hollywood movie: In Bruges. Being a Flamish city I prefer it’s Flamish (Dutch) name better, which is Brugge (Bruges is the Wallonian (French) name).
The city is situated very close to Bruxelles. A train-ride from Bruxelles central-station to Brugge takes about an hour or so. From the train station the city can be very easily visited on foot since it is not very big. There are tons of picturesque houses, adorable flower-beds and of course very romantic canals that tile up the town.

There is not much to talk about this town. People simply have to go and see. It has some lovely parks, and quite a number of cathedrals out of which the Church of Our Lady is probably the most impressive. There is also a church in the lovely and quiet park of the Beguinage: a collection of small houses used by some sisterhoods of the Catholic Church. Other churches to visit are the Saint Saviour’s Cathedral and The Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Probably the most impressive pieces of architecture are to be found in the center of the town in The Grote Markt, with the town’s Belfry taking away much of the splendor. The very nice houseline’s are also quite impressive and from the town-square they can be seen better. Other notable buildings are the Provincial Government Building and, just next to the Grote Markt, the City Hall.

The best time to take photos in the town is in the evening, when all the buildings are lit and the shining splendor can be beautifully reflected in the canal waters. Sadly during my first visit, when I was in Brugge, I did not have a camera to make those photos. The second time, I could not wait until the evening because I had a train to catch back to Bruxelles. Some of the photos I made can be viewed on my Picasa account.

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