A lot of time has passed since my last post, and certainly a lot has happened, which did not let me find the time to finish even the last of my trips which I did a long time ago at the beginning of the month. At the beginning of the month we thought of visiting one of the richest countries in the world: Luxembourg.
As the destination city of this little country we chose… well,… Luxembourg (the city) 🙂 . Since we did the trip by car, the most important thing that marked the beginning of our visit, was trying to find a parking spot. Luckily in the central area there are a lot of parking places to choose from and certainly a lot of electronic displays pointing you to the direction of the parking places and how many empty spaces they have. Well done, it is easy to find them… or that is what we thought… you see, the direction towards the parking space is exceptionally well marked, the entrance to the parking area is not. It took us a few circles around the center until we discovered the entrance into the parking place.

After parking, we went to see the city itself, which has a very rare atmosphere of cleanness and exquisiteness which one could only feel maybe in Monte Carlo. Certainly there were a lot of tourists going around just taking photos. The locals are used to that and speak a number of languages in their cafes, restaurants and gift shops. It is not uncommon to find shops where they speak around 8 languages…

Places to visit: The Notre-Dame Cathedral, which of course has a free admission and is a great expression of neogothic architecture, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Gëlle Fra (Monument of Remembrance) war memorial, the Adolphe Bridge, the city hall and lots of other places which are crowded in the central area easily accessible on foot.

Food prices are a bit above average in the city center (a bit like Monte Carlo), so it is not exactly the backpackers ideal place of having lunch. There are however kebab places or the good old Mac if you get hungry which sell food for lower prices.

All in all it is a nice place to visit and something to experience. Check out the photos on my Picasa account.

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