Amsterdam Vol. 3

Our 3rd day in Amsterdam was filled with plans to visit some of the more exciting places in the city. We woke up quite late (compared to how much we wanted to see), and headed out to the city center, The Dam Square. Here our first stop was Madame Tussauds, the Amsterdam version of the famous wax-museum. At the entrance we found out, that we could purchase a common ticket with The Amsterdam Dungeon for €37.50. Well, we said well’ give it a try.

At the entrance to Madame Tussauds, we met our first celebrity, with whom we could make a photo (no personal photographing was allowed in that area): the U.S. president, Barack Obama. Nice guy, taller than I thought 😛 . We then moved into an elevator, which took us up into a dark room. Here a giant figure descended, representing Holland. He presented himself as our guide and we could hear his voice (of course recorded) as we were guided through the first dark rooms of the museum, presenting the history of the Netherlands. Light turning on/off guided us through the route right to the point where we could make a choice: move on to experience the terror of pirates and some of the more scary stuff of history or just skip it (it is NOT for the timid at the heart). Well, we were brave guys… so we tried it… we came out laughing, but shaking 😀 . It is realistic: sounds, lights, smell and the addition, which is very cool. No photos were allowed in that area either, so sorry…
After the little ride in history we got up to a nice, quiet place, with an abundance of very famous persons’ wax figures. From here on it is all the excitement we had. Some of the figures were quite realistic, some… well some a bit not too good. At the exit we could buy our Obama photos I think for €8.00, but I am not sure of that.
From Madame Tussauds, it was a short walk on the Rokin street, to get to The Amsterdam Dungeon. At the entrance some strange figures awaited us, very friendly I must say. A guy was standing there for example welcoming people, asking where they were from, and even learning some words of their language.
As soon as enough people gathered (8-10), we were granted the entrance into the dungeon (No photos allowed). The whole ride is made up of a series of visits from one room to the other, each one having a theme. Along the way different actors guide you through, making the experience as realistic as possible. It was great, but for some reason, I think the Madame Tussauds adventure, we were not really scared this time 🙂 . There were two photo opportunities, (we could buy the photos at the exit): one at the entrance, and one in the mini-roller-coaster (that is quite interesting, too 🙂 ) (We payed for the 4 photos, a reduce price of €25.00).

Next stop was our visit to the Heineken Experience, which is not far away from the city center, really close actually to Museumplein. For this we have bought the tickets online for €15.00, so we could skip the line (it was actually not a long one). We were taken through the history of Heineken Breweries, and had the chance to experience first hand some of the tasks of beer brewing. We even got the chance to taste an initial juice made from squashing the grain (quite sweet). Then we went up a level, where there was a special room, to experience what it feels like to be a beer being brewed (quite funny). At the labeling section we had the chance to make our own customized label on one of the Heineken beers for €5.00 using credit cards (we could pick them up at the exit). A few rooms showing the later success story of Heineken followed including a larger room with the “Heineken Sport Experience” (I liked this). All in all it was great it was worth the money: especially because it had 3 beers included 😀 . Photos are allowed everywhere, with virtually no restrictions.

During our very busy morning and afternoon, we didn’t realize how much time has passed, and how hungry we got. We headed out for some great (not too healthy) meal… but where? Well, let’s try Hard Rock Cafe. It is a quite nice place located on the banks of one of the canals a little to the north from the Rijksmuseum. The experience was quite good, we ate a lot, we got filled up. Oh yes: our waitress was a very friendly polish girl, with whom we did chat along a bit, and found out some details about the city’s life 🙂 .
After our lunch (or already dinner I think) we went for a canal-trip on one of the long-boats of the city (€15.00) it is quite nice, although it was by far not the fun of partying people on their own boats…

So, I think this post concludes our visit to Amsterdam. A lot has been done, it was a very nice experience, and I’d recommend it to everyone, it is one of the best cities I have visited! Thanks again for our host, who let us stay in her apartment in this period 😀 . Photos here.

P.S. Red Light District? Well, don’t be so curious 😛 .

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