The Big Trip: Katakolon

For people who do not know what the name in the title means (like me 🙂 ) follow this link. Now, the new names like Olympia that pop up from such a site provide a more clear information of what the place holds. Yes, this was the possibility to explore the pathways of the ancient athletes on a huge field on a hot sunny day. Or… to go to a nearby beach and enjoy the waves on a hot sunny day. We went for option B.
Kouruta Beach
Now getting to an actual beach near Katakolon is not easy. We actually had a prepaid “trip” to transfer us to the beach, so we gathered at one of the lounges of the ship to give our tickets and receive some sticky numbers and beach towels in return. After that, we just had to wait until our number was called, meaning we could disembark, get on the coach carrying our number and together with a guide from the ship enjoy the Greek countryside on a short trip to Kouroúta beach.

The weather was not as hot as the day before in Bari, but slowly it got warmer and warmer and soon after arriving to the nice and sandy beach of Kouroúta, the weather got ideal. On the beach we had a reserved location, with sun loungers and parasolars available free of charge for anyone ordering food or drink (we also had a dedicated waiter for our group). There was not much to see this day, but it was an excellent way of relaxing (we needed it 🙂 ) and to get ourselves filled up with sand 😛 .

Well, this was our first day in Greece (in our life) and that was already an experience on its own. The rest was not too exciting, but hey, the following days were much more promising in being full of things to see 😉 …


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