A weekend inTokyo

Well, it’s true, we’ve had our dinner at a place which is known to many people… in Cluj. Mainly in Cluj, because it is actually a Japanese restaurant that I am blogging about, which is named after the capital city of Japan. I am saying that it is known to many people here, because it has actually been around for 9 years now, but I have never been there (shame on me 🙁 )

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I decided to write about it, because I think it is a special restaurant in Cluj which goes along well with some of the other ones I have already presented. It offers of course traditional Japanese food which is served in a very Japanese environment (although the waitresses are not even Asian… they do wear kimonos…). As one might expect it is not the average go out and fill yourself type dinner: it offers a great exception to all the traditional food one might eat around here.

The prices are OK, considering we payed 35/45 RON (€7.7/€10) for a small/normal Japanase plate. The plate included a soup, vegetables, sauces, sashimi and of course a 7/14 piece sushi combination. I have to say the food was great (especially the soup) and contrary to my expectation even I got full by the end of it and sadly did not have enough room left for a delicious hot ice-cream (a delicacy I tried when I was in the U.S. working in a Japanese steakhouse). Another thing to mention is the humbleness and kindness of the waitresses, I think it really stands out from the usual way of serving food in restaurants in Cluj (and that is not that bad at all to start with).

So there you have it, a short summary of yet another special restaurant in Cluj. Just try it if you are here once, you will not be sorry.


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