Think about it…

I am getting a bit slow with the task of actually writing my posts, but hey, better late, than never. So, with a delay of one week I would like to write about a trip we made to Budapest to a psychology conference. Yes, it is a bit parallel with what I do, but for me it was all about getting to Budapest, because it has been a while since I have been there. Anyway, because a bunch of us was planning to go there (all hardcore psychologists 🙂 ) I used the opportunity and joined the party to visit the city and also to get a taste of what such a conference is about. This short post, will be dedicated to that. About Budapest… well, later 🙂 .
The conference is called “Pszinapszis” (website), which is a combination of the Hungarian words pszihologia (psichology), nap (day) and szinapszis (synapse) and it is a 3 day conference, with presentations and workshops mostly designated to psychology students and psychologists. I think you can imagine how skeptical I was about the whole thing… :).

It turned out, however, that for the 2500ft (€8.5) entry fee for one day (one day was enough for me 🙂 ), I attended some quite interesting presentations. They made me think about a lot of aspects in life. Of course I am not the best person to judge such a conference, but there were some presentations which for an ordinary man presented cool things about life that you would never notice (unless you are a psychologist of course). The language use was an everyday language (with very few scientific terms) so I guess all presentations were addressed to ordinary people also. After all, they were about ordinary people, like everyone of us 🙂 .

Most of the presentations were in Hungarian, but there were some international guests present also who presented a few interesting topics. So, if you have the opportunity (and are a bit interested of psychology) check the conference out. There are many areas of our life that are debated during the 3 days, so you might just find something useful.


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