A weekend of well-being

December the 1st is a national holiday in Romania. This year it fell on a Thursday. What do you get when you combine this with a Friday taken as a day off? You get a four day mini-vacation 😀 . The only problem was: it was December, quite cold, but not cold enough to have snow. So what do you do on such a mini-vacation? Well, the neighboring country, Hungary, has a solution: wellness-spa weekends. Our target was Zsóry Spa, near Mezőkövesd, a small town in Hungary, which offers such solutions. Specifically we targeted Balneo Hotel Zsori, which offered great packages for the weekend.
Balneo Hotel Zsori
Although the place is not spectacular, the four star hotel itself was quite modern, so accommodation was great, I have nothing bad to say about it. The thing that I would like to emphasize, however, is the breakfast and dinner-buffet which was included in the package. I must say it was quite rich with a lot of meals to choose from. Everything was well made and tasty, so this was a huge plus for the overall stay quality.

Apart from eating and sleeping, the main activities of the day were mostly water related: swimming, enjoying the thermal-spa and of course a rich sauna-world. With this experience I can officially say, that staying in the sauna for more than 10 minutes is not my thing… Among the ‘great’ activities which are part of the sauna-world facilities, there was an intense eucalyptus/ice sauna show. That was my all-time ‘favorite’. As much as I enjoyed the nearly boiling hot air, which could theoretically burn a few hundred calories in half an hour, I decided to leave after 10 minutes of ‘well-being’ and went to the gym instead… much better 😉 .

With different swimming pools, mostly indoors (there was one which was partly inside, partly outside), with the water temperature ranging from 26 to 38 °C, the hotel was moderately equipped. I can really imagine this small area of swimming pools quickly getting overcrowded. For the period we were there, there was luckily no such problem. There was a reasonable amount of guests, but the area never got too overcrowded, so we could enjoy the relaxing bubbling of the water or the water-jets installed to massage our body.

All in all I can say it was a good, relaxing weekend. Although I felt much more tired at the end of it, I can honestly say I would like to do this again some time…


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