Fine Dining

I bet the first thing you have seen on this post is the big photo with the delicious looking meals on it. I bet you are also wondering where the VIA restaurant is. I bet you already clicked on the link and already know where it is. I guess you are already planning a visit 😉 . Well, let me first share my opinion about it…
Via Restaurant
When booking a place, there are two options: outside on the terrace or inside. My friend, who recommended the place, says it is more cozy in the inside. Since it was a hot summer day, I booked on the terrace and my opinion is, that it is quite cozy there also. I think it is a question of mood… This is a bit more sophisticated restaurant compared to the rest of the gang here in Cluj. Expect something different, something new. Do not prepare for a viking-style dinner. Prepare for a bit of fine dining. Expect some nicely arranged plates with exciting tastes that you do not taste on a daily basis.

You might prepare yourself for a Babylonian language-mix, because a lot of foreign people visit the place. When we were there, there was a table of Dutch people, one with French people, one with English tourists, a table Romanian people and us, speaking in Hungarian. The noise was not unbearable (the advantage of sitting outside) and what i liked: there was no STUPID background music (in fact there was no music at all), just peace and relaxation. Oh, yes, expect a bit higher price range: affordable, but well suited for what you get.


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