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The title describes, I think, very well the reason why we have visited the Botanical Garden of Jibou. So far the only well known botanical garden in the region is the one from Cluj, which is quite famous in the country. We were really curious whether the one from Jibou has what it takes to compete with the one from Cluj.
Botanical Garden Jibou
First thing is first, the entry fee: it is 5 RON for adults and 3 RON for students. What is a good added value: it is open on May the 1st, the famous work-day of the country, a day when actually nothing else is open, because nobody is working :). The garden’s main botanical attraction-theme is the abundance of tulips. A quite wide range of tulips decorates all pathways right after the main entrance, blossoming in all colors of the rainbow. It is quite interesting to see the various colors and shapes of these flowers, which have been gathered from all over the world. Although it was a cloudy day, I really had to take it easy with the color intensity while taking photos, they really are that bright…

Of course the same arranged gardens are present also here as in the big one in Cluj: a Roman garden, a Japanese garden and the usual cactus gardens. All pretty nice, though much smaller in size. The green-houses are present also in this botanical garden. These ones seem a bit more creative: they are shaped in spheres and although they do not accommodate such tall palm-trees, they offer a quite big area for an abundance of tropical plants. The botanical garden, however is being extended: a huge area is already arranged with pathways, but yet to be covered with larger plants. The new area is actually bigger than the original site, so it more than doubles the total size of the garden. This can be visited also, but it is mostly the sculptures and the shape of the pathways that can be admired here for the time being…
Botanical Garden Jibou
The botanical garden of Jibou holds, however, a huge added bonus, which can drive children crazy: a mini-zoo. This mini-zoo is actually composed of two parts: the aquarium complex and the deer-garden. The aquarium complex is attached to the green-houses and it presents a wide range of fish from the tropical ones to ones living in the Danube-delta. The deer-garden is actually a large fenced area which is populated by a few deer and elk families. Also next to them there is a separate fenced area holding the wild-boar families in the same manner. The animals are easy to spot as they are grazing peacefully within the trees. It is quite a nice experience, so don’t be lazy and do the long walk around them (yes, it is a bit of a long walk for a botanical garden… 😛 ).

It took us quite some time to do the actual visit. I think the whole thing lasted around 3 hours, but I cannot remember exactly… Anyway it was quite a nice surprise for me, because I did not know anything about it, and yet there it was and to say the verdict: it was not that bad 🙂 . I have to admit its flora is much poorer than the one from Cluj, but with all added values, it is a good alternative…

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