For The Kid In You

One of the great passions of children these days are dinosaurs. Well, the eyes of the kid inside of me started to shine very, very brightly when I saw an ad that there is an expo of full-size dinosaur models here in Cluj. There was not much publicity about the event, I also stumbled upon it accidentally.
Expo Dinosaurs
The exhibit is open between the 20th of January and the 27th of February: so two more weekends for anyone interested. The ticket is not exactly a cheap one for the Romanian salaries
– 30 RON – Adults
– 15 RON – Children
– 25 RON – Students
– 70 RON – Family (Parents+children)
– Free photographing
Nonetheless we thought we’d have a look to see what is going on, so last Sunday we visited the exhibition.

I also checked their website and I can see that this was actually a portion of the entire collection. The website is in German so if you know a little, you can understand. All in all it seems that this Austrian company has invested in moving exhibitions which are both entertaining and educational.

I must say I was quite impressed: the models were realistic (of course you could tell they were plastic, but still), there was enough information next to them and they were arranged skillfully. The most interesting parts of the exhibit were of course the larger dinos: T-Rex, Albertasaurus or even a Diplodocus (30m) live sized model was present. Another great feature was the Velociraptor model, which is quite up-to-date to the latest discoveries: it was covered with feathers (big scary chicken 😛 ).

One of the added values was a free (well, actually included in the ticket price, I guess) cinema about dinosaurs. Although the movie was completely in English and there weren’t even any subtitles, there were a few children and parents watching it. Inside the improvised cinema, there was also a small sandbox for children to play the archeologists: they could play there ‘excavating’ bones of prehistoric creatures.

All in all a great few hours (for me I think it was less) to spend with your children. For them it is fun, for parents it is informative (although I could see the joy also in the eyes of some of the parents 🙂 ). Here are some pictures I have taken. Enjoy.


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