Big Deal

Since I have bought my car, going to the gas station from time to time to do a fill-up or to just wash the car became a habit and a part of my normal life. I chose to go to the same gas station all the time, because it is close and they have a really good tunnel-carwash: OMV.
Recently the company has launched a campaign of “Complete your Kappa bags collection”, which means collecting points at every purchase of at least 30 RON and use those points to acquire travel bags. You can find out more about the campaign here.

OMV Kappa

Personally I never knew Kappa was famous of making travel bags. Anyway, because of the relatively high “original” price of the bags I was hoping that they were of good quality. Basically the original price of a set of 2 trolleys (as it said on the brochure) was of 899 lei, but with 20 points collected, one could buy them for “just” 319 lei. Pretty neat. I do not really need travel bags now, but a set of good bags never hurts especially for this low price…

Unfortunately I never really had the chance to see them, because they were always out of stock. Last week, I managed to gather my 20 points, so I decided to ask for the bags. Luckily the gas station had a set right then on display (nobody bought it, yet), so I checked them out. Well, they are not bad quality, but… I really hoped for something better. I liked the fact that the wheels were not “sticking out” and the quality of the materials seemed good. One thing that I really-really hate, however, is that the sliding handle is not fixed tight enough and the whole thing wobbles around if pulled out. Even my current travel bag (“L. Lambertazzi”), which was a bit cheaper than the Kappa bags can do this part better. To my surprise they did not let me see the smaller bag of the two. It was inside the big one and they told me that the packaging cannot be undone… 😕 ….

I have searched the internet for Kappa bags to at least compare the prices, but nothing. I have only found one forum thread which described these exact bags from the OMV campaign. To my surprise everyone said that the bags are OK. Come on: nothing is special about them… I have actually seen a few trolleys which were better in Carrefour (for around 150-200 lei). I have also checked out some local Samsonite stores: yes, those really are high quality bags for 800 lei.

All in all I am losing my will of buying the bags. They simply are not worth the money. Maybe if you really need them, then yes, buy them. Other than that: nothing special, just attracting clients.


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