A purple shirt

Just to get things up-to-date: I have moved back to Romania and I had a lot of things to do. The last three months have been very busy for me, that’s why I was unable to update my blog regularly. Our project at work just got… well, more interesting and demanding and the little spare time I had, I have spent it with occasional trips here and there, so I have a lot of interesting things to write about, that is not an issue. 🙂 . About those trips: I’ll describe them in future posts… right now I have something interesting to share:

I went today for a drive in the city, and stopped at one of the local malls to do some shopping. I needed a pair of new jeans, so I went to look for one. I went in a lot of shops trying to search for the best items to buy. Everywhere the shop-keepers just said hi (in some places not even that) and let me look at the stuff myself. To tell the truth I wasn’t even in a chit-chatting mood, so I was trying to avoid them with a brief “No thanks, just looking”. The keepers pulled back politely, I guess trying to avoid “hurting the client’s feeling” 🙂 … and after a few minutes I walked out of the store without buying anything…

There was one shop (I will not write the name, my blog is not an advertising panel 😛 ), where I actually found the “jeans of my dream”, the keepers seemed a bit more cunning… after the usual “May I help you?” she informed me about a promotion they had:
buying above 250 RONs would bring a price reduction of 100 RONs. With the jeans I have selected, I was short with 60 RONS from that. basically I could get something for another 100 RONs, and I would have payed the same price as for the jeans alone. I got a little confused… there was nothing really I wanted to buy from there apart from the jeans… I went back to look around, and found a shirt which looked good, but it was white and I already had two which were similar. There was a dark blue shirt also, but that seemed too dark… I was looking at both of them silently for a brief moment of time, when suddenly the shop keeper popped up again next to me: “We have also a purple one”. Well to really understand this, it is better to note here, that I hate purple shirts… I don’t know why, but it seems too fancy for me. You can imagine the look on my face when the shop-keeper showed me the purple shirt… “Well, yes…. nice… but…” “Just try it on” she replied kindly… well, I went to the fitting room to try it on: it was ok, it was not too dark… and I certainly did not have anything like that among my shirts… and now… it hangs in front of me on the side of the wardrobe 😀 . It was actually obvious that what I was really searching for was a purple shirt: just between white and the dark blue, the golden middle path… I was just too stubborn to see it for myself…

I am not sure if the shop-keeper really understood my confusion and provided me purposely the right solution, but if she did, then she did an excellent job. This certainly is a rare thing to stumble upon. She managed to sell me one more thing and I still think I was not fooled, although I payed a little extra… Generally this way of providing help/solutions should be really easy: just pay attention to what people really need, see where the real problem lies and provide a useful solution. The problem is, people generally do not care of what others want, they just provide ONE solution, not THE solution, which would actually be needed. Paying attention to a customer should be a key thing in selling products. However shopkeepers are people too and unfortunately most of them cannot overcome the primordial instinct to keep their point of view in mind, although maybe a little more attention would be much more beneficial both for the sales and the customer… (maybe I would have bought my first purple shirt a long time ago, too 🙂 )

3 Responses to “A purple shirt”

  1. Victor says:

    welcome back 😉

  2. Dragos says:

    Was it Lee Cooper? I was once passing by a Lee Cooper store with my girlfriend and without any particular reason we went in. We were short of cash and Lee Cooper isn’t the cheapest jeans store, but somehow the shop-keeper convinced both of us to try on two pairs each. Her presence and her smile charmed both of us and I’m sure that if we had the money we would have bought the jeans. When we left the store we were both sorry that we hadn’t bought anything.
    Definitely a good shop-keeper can make the difference between avoiding and returning to the store.

  3. László says:

    Well, it was Broadway NYC. It is good to know, however that Lee Cooper is like that too… 🙂 Or was it just a once in a lifetime experience? 😛