Childhood Dreams Came True

Since the first time I visited Budapest I really wanted to visit its zoo. I heard it is a great place with lots of interesting animals and also a place where animals are actually treated well… Why would an animal feel good in a zoo? Well, to tell the truth I have no idea… it does not seem logical. What I know, is that it is one of the few zoos where the breeding program for animals is very successful. As part of our holiday trip, we visited the zoo in Budapest to see if the rumors are actually true: is that zoo really that good? Is it better than the best I have seen so far? (the one in Chicago).
Budapest Zoo
The first thing one sees when approaching the zoo in Budapest are the gates: they are lovely… it shows that the zoo is actually quite old and has been around for a while now. I like that 🙂 . The second thing one sees is the queue: it can be long for a hot sunny day. The third thing, and this is something that one rarely sees, is an employee approaching you while you are standing at the end of the queue to go to another queue because that is in a shadow and is much shorter… now that is something I also like :).

And after standing in the queue for a while (a very short time), one gets greeted by the entry price, which is 2500Ft (~€8.30). While this is a lot more expensive than the one in Chicago (which was free), it is still a reasonable price. Additionally for the entry price you get a “free” map of the zoo, which (believe me) is very helpful: following the numbers it is a lot easier to get along ;).

The first thing to mention is that the zoo had a full baby boom: seven asiatic lion (endangered) cubs, a baby giraffe, a baby elephant, a baby orangutang, a baby gorilla, baby meerkats, baby wombats, baby parrots, baby pelicans, a baby langur, baby penguins, baby flamingos… all in all, a lot. These cubs were a real treat for all ages and really show, that the animals in the zoo are taken good care of.

The zoo has comfortable animal enclosures very similar (maybe better) than the ones in Chicago and offers a variety of ways to get close encounters with all types of animals. The zoo features a “magic mountain” which is like an educational center for all ages featuring a moving movie theater and lots of interesting information about the evolution of wildlife on Earth. What I like very much, is that there were strategically placed water-fountains which were very useful on the hot sunny day we were visiting. These were marked on the map, so they were easy to find.

In conclusion: was it better than the one in Chicago? Well it was different and at least as exciting as the one in Chicago. With the additional baby boom, I think it has more value and was some money well spent ;).

I have added some pictures here.


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