Relaxing on Rainy Days

We have been planning to take a holiday for a while. About two months ago we decided on the period, which later had to be moved because of work, but finally we made it: we managed to squeeze in a week of relaxation into our quite busy life (hence the lack of posts on this blog…). The target was a quite renowned spa in Hungary which has received a lot of nice reviews in the past years, so our curiosity grew to the point when we decided to check out if the services at Hajduszoboszló are really as good as their fame.

One of the most important things one needs to find (after deciding of course that the place is worth a visit), is a place to stay at. Although the site is swamped with hotels, it has an even bigger offer of apartments to choose from. The main advantage is of course the rental price, but apart from that, for us, the best thing was the fact that you get a fully equipped kitchen. Having your own kitchen means that you also get a comfy breakfast, just like home: no need to get up early to catch the breakfast-period in the hotel and you eat whatever you want (limited only by whatever you can find in the local Tesco/Coop supermarkets 😀 ).

Of course eating out is still an option and the local restaurants offer a great variety (and usually a great quantity) of food to choose from. We tried out different restaurants each evening, and we got to the conclusion, that the quality (or the quantity) does not change with price. Maybe we were lucky, but the friendliness of the waiters and the quality of the food was the same no matter the price. You get a small decrease in the quality of the decoration as you get to lower price restaurants, but apart from that: no differences.

But… what about the spa, the main point of interest? Well it is great… or at least that is what is visible from the pictures 🙂 … As the title says, we caught a rainy period, so we did not see much of the outdoor spa. We did however enjoy the services offered by the indoor spa area (yes, there is such a thing also), the place called: Aqua Palace. The indoor pool-world was much bigger than I expected. It is well organized, acceptably clean and offered much more things to do than one might imagine. Each pool provides a different experience from the leisure TV-watching in the thermal-water pool, to the ice-world themed pool offering swimming possibility in it’s artificial stream (with or against it). There is also an indoor surfing area as well as saunas (normal, steam- and infra-).
The entry price for an adult is 3200 HUF (~€11.00) but this does not include access to the sauna-world (you need to pay 800 HUF = €2.76 extra for that). I have no idea if you can or cannot go in/out after receiving your bracelet (which is the only thing identifying you everywhere you go), because you can also eat inside in the cafeteria area: a daily menu costs 1350 HUF = €4.66, but sadly it is nowhere near as good as the food served at the restaurants 🙁 …

The place was not overcrowded in this period of the year, although there was a great variety of tourists from a lot of countries (Germans, Poles, Czechs, Ukrainians and Romanians). Having so few people there was actually OK: our 2 day/3 night relaxation period was better than expected. Despite the weather none of our days was boring. We will probably return some time to check out the large outside pool area, too …


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