Lately I started to swim a lot. So much in fact, that an old friend invited me to “give some laps” to their organization. So how can somebody give laps? Well, let me tell you: somebody came up with the great idea to promote swimming and also non-profit organizations by searching for sponsors who would give as much money to an organization as the number of laps that “their swimmers” can swim in an hour. So how much for a lap? That is something to be decided after the total amount of money is in (and, no, I do not know how much money was generated 😛 ).

That’s me in the center ;D.

The event is called Swimathon and it was organized in one of the local olympic-size swimming pools (50m) in Cluj. Non-profit organizations could sign up with their swimmers so that potential sponsors could choose them (there was a few week period of “promotion time” before). My friends’ organization is called Scoala pentru Viata (School for Life). They do special lectures for students, giving them knowledge about some of the things which are not thought at school. I think the idea is great and, knowing that he can really devote himself for good causes, I decided to swim for my friends’ organization. We (me, my friends’ brother and a group of seven people swimming in relay) have gathered on our three dedicated lanes a total of 159 laps, which I hope will bring them enough money to continue the good work they are doing 😉 …

So, why did I write this post? I just think it is a great idea and these things should be promoted. I really enjoyed myself there, I really hope I have been able help the organization, I really hope that this event will go on every year from now on (this was the 2nd edition as far as I know) and I really hope that such ideas will be spread to different areas in life in the future: do sport, do art, do whatever you enjoy while also helping others…


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