Galata – Museo del Mare

This is the name of the maritime museum in Porto Antico in Genova. I really do not know why, but we were never interested in visiting this museum, so after nearly 9 months of living in Genova this was the first time we payed a visit. I must say I really was not prepared for this visit (as one can see on the low quality pictures made with my phone). We were just hanging around in the city and the idea of visiting the museum came to us in a flash.
Galata - Museo del Mare
The entry price into the museum is 10 euros (but we were asked only 8, don’t ask me why, we didn’t either 🙂 ). The museum itself is arranged on 4 levels presenting the maritime history of Genova. At the ticket office we were informed that we were allowed to take photos (without using the flash).

The exhibition itself is really astonishing at some displays (like a full size galleon, or another full size ship that one can check out from aboard too). There are lots of photo opportunities and the displays are lit quite well. There are many displays that we could interact with (rowing on a galleon, measuring distance with old devices, sailing around Cape Horn etc.).

The fourth floor was dedicated to the massive emigration of Italians towards the U.S. This part was very realistic, simulating a whole trip towards the U.S. from embarking in Genova and disembarking on Ellis Island.

The top floor of the museum provided a nice view of the Genovese Port and of the city of Genova. Here we could rest a bit, and stretch our itching legs after a pretty long walk in the museum.

All in all I think it was a great experience and I am really sorry, that I haven’t done this visit before. It is well worth every cent that I payed for it 😀 . For those who are interested and also speak a bit of italian, there is a lot of other info on the museum’s official site.

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