Another Route

The return through the mountain after the trip south trough Transfagarasan was scheduled the day after, by returning via the highest road in the entire Carpathians, the Transalpina. Due to the weather forecast, however, it was not safe nor scenic to pass there. Also, the road is not officially open to public, yet, so anyone passing there does it on his/her own risk. So we abandoned the scenic route and planned to return on the fast route… boy, we had a big surprise:

The road we chose was the Olt Valley (just between Transfagarasan and Transalpina) which is theoretically a fast road for heavy traffic going to the north (from our point of view) offering a nice view of the mountains from a lower perspective. The road, however, was neither fast, neither for photographers. The best views one can have is from the car, so there is no need to stop at any point. So you drive along, following the truck ahead of you barely reaching speeds of 60km/h and rely on your girlfriend to film the road and possibly catch some nice views along the way 🙂 .

So, people who are responsible for tourism in Romania (or traffic): DO SOMETHING!


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