Lessons Learnt

This little story actually happened a while ago, but because I was quite busy and/or tired during the last two months, I did not really have the energy to update my blog. I really did not know if I should write this or not, but then I thought, why not? Maybe somebody else can learn from it.
The story actually begins with the fact that I changed some parts on my car and I thought I should sell the old ones on the internet for someone who might need it. For this reason I wrote two messages on two of the local BMW forums in the “sales” section hoping that someone would buy them. I made some nice photos, indicating some scratches on the old parts clearly and set a price which is around one fourth of the new parts price. I did not really think someone would come and buy it, but surprise surprise someone did.

My buyer seemed to be a really nice guy who was a little short of money, but in the end we agreed on a price which would be OK for him. I opted for the solution which allowed me to choose and pay for the delivery method. Not knowing the guy (and being from a part of the country which does not have a good reputation on this) I thought this solution would be safer.

The next week on Monday I immediately went to Fan Courier, a local courier service which would deliver my package. After some complications (the courier company did not have it’s own packaging material: great minus) I managed to pack the parts correctly and the operator at the desk completed a form which would allow me to be in control of the delivery: the receiver can not open the package until he pays the price. Package out, phoned the guy, waiting started…. and it continued for about a week. I tried to phone the guy, but now he did not want to pick up. It seemed fishy… I went back to the courier asking for the situation of the return money, he examined it and he noticed that in fact there was no return money picked up… strange… but why?

It turns out that the operator from the desk forgot to complete the return-money section thus the delivery guy did not even bother picking it up. I tried to stay calm: it is not my fault… the operator was the one who made the mistake… he should sort it out. From this point of view I am great-full for the guy, he really did his best by phoning the guy, then the agency at the delivery point to go and search for the guy. In the end they caught him and he agreed to send the money. He was really sorry and claimed that he really wanted to pay but the delivery guy said no. So… that was a relief… at least for two more days, when I went to pick up the return-money: what I found there was actually the parts themselves… no scratch, just unpacked and repacked. The guy now claimed that the parts were actually no good…

So, I learned a few things:
– Try not to sell things over the internet (if there is another alternative, always choose that)
– Make sure you read and understand the forms before you sign them
– Bad reputations of some areas of the country have been confirmed: I’ll try to avoid them in the future.


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