Why they are better than us

Have a look at this (good thing they have English subtitles):

Now… let’s stop and think for a minute. Is the above ad actually a good thing? Should we give up our freedom of choice, just because we want to help the local producers? Are we really helping them?

Maybe, just maybe, if the cucumbers were not crooked and ugly we would buy them. The reason why supermarkets sell better, is simple: they have weak competitors. The quality of products in supermarkets is actually quite low (especially the small ones invading local communities). Just give some more soul into your product, and for sure you can outsell them.

Take Italy for example: you can only buy quality goods from local, specialized shops. In Italy you can only buy quality bread or quality meat from specialized shops. The local supermarkets have no chance against them.

The ultimate example of local people fighting back against foreign products is Germany: after WWII, when the whole country was in ruins, what did the authorities do? Opened up the borders, freed up the market, attracted foreign producers to sell their products there. What was the effect? Germans started to produce better products, and eventually pushed back the “invasion”. Nowadays, we know how German products are doing…

Have some more faith, do not give up, adapt to the surroundings, fight back! And for the love of God, do not think that videos like the one above will help you. If they are pushing back, and you are falling back, then take a first step forward… just for the extra stability… then… well, then we’ll see 😉


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