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Monday, February 21st, 2011

Yesterday evening we decided to go and eat out. Because we have received some fliers which offered a 10% discount in a fairly new Indian restaurant in Cluj, we decided to try it out. The restaurant is called Indigo and I have read several articles about it of how good it is. Well, this was I guess a good reason to go and check it out.
The restaurant is located on one of the most well known streets of Cluj for students: the Piezisa street (I am not going to give further details, go check the website out). The first striking thing when you enter is the massive usage of purple (I guess I know where the name comes from). I think purple is a color perfectly matching India and the Indian culture (I have no idea why I think that, it just feels purple).

Indigo PlatterSo: after sitting down to a nice and clean table, we looked at the menu. No surprise there: spices, spices, spices and then some strange names about which we did not know what they were. Well, the obvious decision in such impossible cases is to go for the house specialty (or ask the waiter, we did not do that). In this case the house specialty is the Indigo Platter which is basically a platter of spicy meat with spicy meat for two persons. For me it had a bit too much pepper, I could not feel the rest of the spices. But then again, I am not really a pepper person: I like spicy stuff, except pepper 🙂 . The best thing however, and this was a huge surprise, is the prompt serving of the meal. I think we did not wait 10 minutes and it was ready.

Gulab JamunGetting our food out that fast meant that in approximately 30 minutes after sitting down, we have already finished with it. Well, I guess this is a good way to make people order desert: you just have to eat something else, otherwise it feels like fast food 😛 . So we ordered some Gulab Jamun, which again continuing the line of strong tastes was a very, very sweet dessert. Now that one I liked :).

Another thing which was cool in a way, was the hospitality that the entire personnel had. The waitresses managed to always have a genuine smile, and while we were leaving every waiter said goodbye smiling. This really boosted my already positive attitude towards the restaurant: I will definitely visit again.